Orientation lock becomes mute button on iPad iOS 4.2

There are lots of posts on the net right now about the first beta of Apples iOS 4.2 and you can read a Top 10 new features here.

One of the changes is to turn the orientation lock button on the iPad to be a mute button. Well hold on a minute who checked with me that was something I wanted? Where’s the friendly but terse email from Steve Jobs checking that was going to work for me? I use that button A LOT and if I need to mute I press the volume down for a second and guess what it mutes!

I can only imagine that this is to bring the iPad into line with the iPhone which has a mute switch and orientation lock is a software function which makes perfect sense for a phone but not my iPad.

I can only hope that you can change the function in settings but Apple don’t have a great record of this sort of thing. *sigh*

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