Cheap and Cheerful iPad Stand

Cheap and cheerful iPad standYes, another iPad post. I’m sure that I will get it out of my system eventually…

So I saw this post about a cheap and cheerful iPad stand a while back which suggested using a desktop business card holder. What a great idea, I thought! Except that it was only available from Office Depot in the States and no amount of searching either online or in bricks and mortar could turn one up. Then a colleague of mine went on vacation to Florida and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind spending some of her precious holiday time in Office Depot. Surprisingly she agreed and this is the result.

I have to say it is just about perfect for desktop use and providing you don’t need to “prod the pad” too often then it is just fine. The bottom is a little shiny so too much pressure on the iPad can cause some desktop slippage but it is very stable with the iPad in place. In fact it is so stable and just the right angle that you would have thought it was made for it.

Also it has the added advantage of being able to hold business cards too!

Want one and in the US? Get yours here.

Cheap and cheerful iPad stand Cheap and cheerful iPad stand