Gadget Show Live 2010

Gadget Show LiveFor the second year running I went to Gadget Show Live, the technology event based on the Channel 5 TV programme. While I enjoyed last years event it wasn’t very big and it looked like it had been put together at the last minute.

This year was completely different. Spread over three halls there were gadgets for everything you could possibly imagine and every price point.

Big this year was 3D with several major manufacturers showing off their 3D TVs. We took at look at the offering from Panasonic and I have to admit that it was pretty good being one of the most realistic that I have seen (you still need to wear those glasses though).

For many years I couldn’t go anywhere without my Psions and I was really sorry when then ceased to make portable computers. So I was really happy to see the psixpda which has the Psion 5 in it’s DNA. However, rather than running EPOC this device runs Windows XP and while it looked good it was simply too small for general everyday usage, which was a shame.

Also looking good was the swap watch which had bluetooth phone capabilities, a camera as well as being able to be tell the time. But you do need large wrists to make the most of it.

As well as the stands in the halls you could also go to the live theatre where the Gadget Show presenters put on a live version of the TV show which was really well done.

I was glad that I made time to go up and greatly enjoyed the day but it was packed. At one point it was so busy that the walkways were gridlocked. A real sign that they have a winner on their hands so lets hope it expands again next year.

Below is a small selection of the pictures and videos taken at the event and you can see more here.

Gadget Show Live Gadget Show Live

Gadget Show Live Gadget Show Live

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