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Screen shot 2009-11-08 at 13.42.37 One thing that I particularly like about the MacBook Pro is its grunt. Even though mine is the bottom of the range model it has far more processing power than my old Windows desktop allowing me to rip DVDs in minutes rather than hours. This processing power has led me to make the MacBook my main machine, something that is possible with its excellent battery life.

I had intended to try and go completely Mac to the extent that I bought a copy of Office for Mac to ease that transition but there was one program that I found there was no equal for on Mac and that I simply couldn’t live without and that is Windows Live Writer. So as I stare at the screen in front of me I can see Windows Live Writer but if I point my mouse to the bottom of the screen up pops the Mac dock. I have installed VirtualBox and Windows XP on my MacBook simply to run Windows Live Writer and I wish I didn’t have to but I like to blog and WLW just makes it so easy.

So now I am considering whether I should go a step further and get a copy of Parallels which seems to offer a more integrated Mac experience when running Windows, albeit at a higher price.

Virtualisation is simply amazing. We use it extensively at work and I am using it more and more at home for various tasks and simply to reduce the number of machine at home. I can certainly recommend VirtualBox on the experience so far but it does also seem an unnecessary step.

Anyone else using virtualisation on a Mac? What are you running it for?

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  1. Just installed Parallels 5 and like what I see so far. Although sometimes the Windows menu appears in the bottom left and other times under the Parallels logo on the Macbar at the top. You have that problem?

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