Panoramic Pictures with Pano and iPhone

Just got back from a long holiday, hence the lack of posts. However, while I was away I was able to road test a number of pieces of tech which I will be posting on over the next few days.

First up is Pano for iPhone which, as the name suggests, allows you to take panoramic pictures with your iPhone. As you can see from the shots below (Hong Kong, Cairns, Australia and Apollo Bay, Australia respectively) it produces some pretty impressive results.

Pano is simple to use and helpfully guides you through the process by showing a shadow of the previous shot to help you line up correctly. When you have completed taking all the shots to make your image Pano then merges them together applying filters to get the best final image.

There are a couple of oddities. On start up Pano expects you to take portrait images. It is easy to change to landscape mode but given that 90% of the photos shown on the Pano Flickr Group are landscape it is surprising that this isn’t the default mode. The other problem seems to be that the Camera and Photos apps stop working after using Pano. This is something that the developers of Pano say is fixed in iPhone OS 3.1. I have yet to upgrade so cannot verify this.

The camera on the iPhone is pretty mediocre and is no match for a dedicated camera but with Pano it can do something easily and quickly that most dedicated cameras can’t – produce stylish panoramic images.

Back in the UK and reviewing photos. Took some great shots on the iPhone with Pano.

Cairns from the Esplanade

Great Ocean Road