Netbook Memory Upgrade

imageI decided this week that I would make the only simple upgrade to my netbook and double the memory it has in it from 1gb to 2gb. For this I bought a stick of memory from the ever reliable Crucial for £12.64 delivered. It arrived within a couple of days of ordering and took less than 10 minutes to install (full instructions can be found here).

You can see in the picture on the left the memory in place between the fan and the hard drive. Since then I haven’t had much of an opportunity to have a play and see if it makes any significant difference. I am expecting to get a better response from applications such as Google Chrome, that I spend most of my day in, as multiple tabs seem to eat up the memory and may prevent some being swapped out so improving load times.

I will post details of anything significant that I find but if you have upgraded your netbook what were your experiences?



Phew! It still starts up!


That’s what we like to see 1.99GB of RAM

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