Datz Not Good

image It’s been a while since I have written about Datz, the all you can eat music service. The last time I posted, back in May, it was to give a review based on my early findings looking for favourite music of family and friends. I found it to be hit and miss. I also bemoaned the clunky interface which was difficult and time consuming to use.

After reading the post Datz contacted me to say that a number of my points would be addressed “within the month or so”. That would have been sometime in June and it is now August and there is no sign of any improvements.

Today things got a whole lot worse with the service not working fully. When you try and look at any artist listing you get the following SQL error message, which means that it is impossible to download anything:

SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS SQL_CACHE DISTINCT title,artist,thumblmage,brand,productlD,digitalPreview,digitallnfoo9, uc FROM products WHERE artist = ‘Iggy Pop’ AND title! =“ AND productType=’Track’ AND C digitallnfoo9 = ‘247’ and digitallnfoo7 <unix_timestamp (nowO) and supplier = ‘EMI’) OR ( digitallnfoog = ‘247’ supplier =‘Warner Music Group (247 Lic)’) ORDER BY title LIMIT 0,15

What’s interesting about this SQL statement is two things.

Firstly, there is an incredibly simple error in the statement. The last part of the statement:

OR ( digitallnfoog = ‘247’ supplier =‘Warner Music Group (247 Lic)’) ORDER BY title LIMIT 0,15

Should read:

OR ( digitallnfoog = ‘247’ and supplier =‘Warner Music Group (247 Lic)’) ORDER BY title LIMIT 0,15

Datz, you can have that fix on me.

The second interesting point is what the SQL is saying. Effectively it is restricting the search to anything from either the EMI or Warner Music Group catalogues. Which sort of implies that other catalogues are there but just hidden. I still hold out hope that the other majors will be added before the end of my subscription and that the artists that were removed (Genesis, Crowded House, Peter Gabriel to name a few) are restored.