iPhone 3.1 Software

photo Well that was quick. The iPhone 3.0 OS has been out less than a month and already the next version is released to beta testers. There is a slew of changes that have been identified so far and to be honest pretty much all of them are of only passing interest. With the exception of being able to access Voice Control via Bluetooth.

Voice Control was introduced in the latest version of the software and was a nice little addition that not only let you make calls by barking instructions to your phone but also to control the music player. It works ok but really seemed to be a feature for the terminally lazy as it wasn’t much effort to do the same via the touch screen.

What I really wanted was the ability to be able to make calls by using Voice Control over Bluetooth and I really couldn’t understand why that wasn’t baked in from day one. So now it seems that it is there. Given that the OS was only pushed out to developers today it is too early to say how well it works nor is there any indication of when the update might be released to the great unwashed that is the general public but I will be eagerly awaiting it.

Also I am hoping that Apple might have fixed the problem whereby my iPhone resets itself in the middle of a call – that might be a good one to fix too!

Here is a list of changes found so far:

  • Ability to save a copy of a video before you edit it and realise you have chopped off the best bit
  • When rearranging icons on the screen the device virbates (I am hoping that there is an off button for this!)
  • MMS is enabled by default
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz
  • A VideoEditorController API that will allow third party apps to call the video editing UI
  • Video picker API.

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