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IMG_0127Schmap is a great online destination guide that allows you to explore a city or area and find the best things to see and do. I have used the application on my iPhone in the past and intend to use it when I am on holiday in Australia later in the year.

I was surprised and pleased (in equal measures) when an email arrived from Schmap this morning letting me know that they had selected a picture of mine from Flickr to include in the guide. You can see the picture in the application on the left and the original here.

Why was I surprised? Well for a start I don’t consider myself a great photographer and this isn’t an exceptional photograph. However, I was even more surprised when the email said that the picture had been included in the Los Angeles edition of the guide, particularly as the picture was actually taken during our holiday at Universal City Walk, Orlando Florida some two thousand miles away!

Better take a look at the picture quickly as I have emailed Schmap to let them know!

See the email from Schmap below:


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