Apple iPhone 3.0


imageSo yesterday Apple announced v3 of their iPhone OS in a ‘Jobs-free’ presentation. There was much excitement and speculation on the net before the announcement about what this revision would contain. The smart money was on cut & paste finally making an appearance and it did. This is one of those features that I rarely use on a mobile device but really miss it when it is not there. The video below from the BBC shows this in action – not quite the simplicity of select ctrl+c, followed by ctrl+v but not too bad.

Other things making an appearance in this version were: voice memos, note synchronisation, shake to shuffle (cool!), a search facility (searchlight) that covers contacts, calendar entries, music etc all from one page and a landscape keyboard that should have been there from day one. One of the things that I am looking forward to most though is turn-by-turn navigation which means that the iPhone can replace yet another device in my kit bag.

All of this should be available from the summer. This is around the same time as some rumoured new hardware is released, potentially a 32gb iPhone and a smaller iPhone Nano.

You can see some of the announcement in the video below and read a blow by blow account of the event here.

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