Google Street View Comes to my Street

image Sometimes working from home shows things that I would have been unlikely to have seen had I been in an office – principally because I wouldn’t have been stood staring out of the window! Anyway, I was, and I saw this car driving down the road. Realising the significance of it (and that we live on a cul-du-sac so it had to come past me again) I rushed to get my camera, getting this picture as it drove away.

What you see here is a car equipped with a series of cameras mounted on the roof for the (probable) purpose of capturing our road for Google’s Street View.

Now many in the UK have raised privacy concerns about Street View but I am just excited that a) it is finally coming to the UK (and this story on the ITPro web site would seem to back this up: Google Street View UK to get spring release date) and b) I am going to be in it – gawping out of my window!