BlackBerry Storm

imageVisiting Vodafone’s UK HQ today I had the opportunity to try out the new BlackBerry Storm – the first with a touchscreen and touted iPhone killer. As ever it was a well put together device with a bright screen and felt good to hold in the hand.

The real surprise though came when using the touch screen. Having got used to my iPhone for the last couple of months I was expecting something similar but pressing down on the screen of the Storm you get what feels like the screen depressing as it is clicked. It feels mighty strange and a little unnerving. Interestingly though a colleague liked the positive feedback it gave and I wonder if my unease about it is more to do with expectations from the iPhone than any other reason.

I didn’t get to try much else but was pleased to see that you can view and type emails in landscape mode – something that I cannot do on my iPhone. I look forward to giving the Storm a longer test drive at a later date.

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