Intel Predicts Positive Future for Mobile Web

image A report from Intel today (via the BBC) predicts that mobile web is in for a bright future with 1.2 billion connected devices by 2012. This prediction was made at an event to highlight a range of Intel chips for web-enabled mobile devices.

Gadi SInger, head of Intel’s mobility group, made an interesting point that “The fact that people want to be on the internet all the time means they will be looking for the ability they have today say at their desk and to have that anytime and anywhere.”

What is significant about this statement is that at home or at work you are always on, something that you are not necessarily on a mobile device so there also needs to be the communications infrastructure to support. Of course Intel have also been making big investment in WiMax so they hope that this issue will be covered off through this but it will be interesting to see what response the telcos have to this.