How Do You Solve a Problem Like My PC?

Under normal circumstances I feel pretty well equipped to sort out most problems with a PC whether they are hardware or software related, however, this latest one has got me stumped. For the last couple of days the machine has started turning itself off without any warning whatsoever – no error message, no blue screen, just no power.  It is this sort of problem that is hardest to resolve – where do you start to look?

I have uninstalled anything I added recently but that doesn’t seem to be it.

I have checked the event logs but there is nothing untoward there.

I have checked the fan to ensure that the system is not overheating but that seems to be working.

The memory check at start-up seems ok.

I am not sure where else to look right now. With this in mind I have backed up everything that I can in the periods when I can get the machine to work. The challenge is you never know just how long it is going to work for. Could be four hours or could be 15 minutes.

So If anyone is reading this and has any pointers they would be gratefully received.

  • Have a look for blown transistors on your motherboard (teop top of the transistor will be bowed out / raised up). I had this happen to mine last year – random shutdowns with no warning – and more alarmingly, the occasional fan accelerating to the point of almost screeching, solved only by me puling the power out of the back. The bad news is that a new motherboard inan ‘old ‘ (2 yrs) PC is almost as expensive as a new PC. Good luck…