Waiting on Google – Update

I wrote in my previous post that I am waiting on Google to enable or give me access to a number of cool features. Well I can update you on a couple of these. Firstly the new contact manager within GMail has appeared almost as soon as I hit Publish on the blog entry and I am happy to report that it is a huge improvement over what was there previously. Much, more usable.

Next up was offline access to Google Docs and it turns out that I am the problem here and not Google. It seems that I am being hampered by being an early adopter. At present Google Gears, on which the offline version of Google Docs relies, does not work with Firefox Beta 3, the browser that I am using. I have fired up Internet Explorer 6 and can confirm that offline access is there and I have been able to synchronise my documents.

So on the basis of this my Google wish list now looks like:

  • Google Gears for Firefox 3
  • access to the App Engine.