SyncMyCalI wrote recently about the impact of the new Google to Outlook synchronisation tool on the third party supplier SyncMyCal. I felt that Google’s free tool would cause significant difficulties for SyncMyCal who were selling their tool at £25 a pop. It seems that SyncMyCal has a bit of a card up it’s collective sleeve as I notice on its website that they are soon to support contact syncing. I have been looking for a way to do just that and so far not found anything suitable so I am pretty excited about the prospect. Not that it will bring any more money for them as this is being offered as a free upgrade.

So what I think we have here is a free basic version from Google that offers simple calendar synchronisation that will probably be fine for 80% of people. Then there is a “pro” version that is being offered by SyncMyCal that have more options, including contact synchronisation, for the other 20%.

You can see a comparison between the SyncMyCal and Google offerings here.

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  1. Taken a quick look at OggSync as suggested by the previous post (from the developer). However, I cannot find any mention on the site about contact syncing support. Also the software appears to be a recurring cost of $30 per year so, on a strictly financial basis, you would be better off with SyncMyCal which is a one-off cost.

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