An Elegant Piece of Design

apple1The picture on the left is of a small piece of plastic that comes with the Apple iPod Touch. Initially I had no idea exactly what it was for and the lack of any instructions meant that for quite a while it just sat in the box. Then I also noticed that the box stated that included was a “stand” but I could find nothing in the box that fitted that description. Then a friend of mine who also has a touch pointed out that that bit of clear plastic was the stand I was searching for. A quick trial showed that, despite it’s simplicity, it does indeed function as a rudimentary stand, as shown below. Simple but effective. However, the plastic itself is tiny and could be easily lost. Of course, Apple have the answer to this too. The back section of the stand is just the right size to act as a cap for the sync cable – brilliant! All in all it is a very clever piece of design.

Mind you given the price of an iPod Touch you might be left feeling a little bit cheated that all you got was a tiny piece of plastic that can’t be worth more than one pence when what you were really expecting was a Stand.