Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook Synchronisation

I see that Google have at long last released a utility that allows synchronisation to take place between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. The only real surprise is that it has taken this long to be released. Since Google Calendar was launched this seems to have been one of the most requested features and has allowed a number of third party utilities to pop-up to fill the gap. In fact I already use SyncMyCal to do exactly what the new Google tools now does. The one significant difference between the two is that to get the same level of functionality SyncMyCal will set you back $25. So will Google Calendar Sync affect SyncMyCal? you bet it will as no-one likes to pay for something that they can get for free, particularly when it is from the original developer as in this case. Sadly this is all too late for me as I have already splashed my cash with SyncMyCal but that said it does work well without any fuss.

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