BBC’s iPlayer

BBC’s iPlayerThe BBC has finally released it’s iPlayer, albeit still in beta form. The iPlayer allows users in the UK to download and watch programmes from the last seven days. Officially launched yesterday but the BBC are still limiting the number of people who can download the player – I registered in the morning and receive my invitation at 10pm, not sure how many are being allowed through at any one time.

My initial reaction was how similar to was to channel 4’s 4OD and the reason for that is that they are both based on the same underlying third party technology. The other thing that became quickly obvious was, for me at any rate, the two would not sit happily side by side. Only when I uninstalled 4OD would iPlayer work, which if correct will be a real problem. It is difficult to tell whether anyone else has the same problem a, unbelievably, you do not seem to be able to search the user forums to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem or found a solution. This is just daft.

In use it works just fine albeit a little jerky in use but 4OD was the same and that maybe my PC, although it is pretty well spec’d. Need to download a few more shows to see what it’s like in long term use. Also need to see if I can also get 4OD to work alongside. Will report back then.

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