In Total Harmony

Multiple remote controls are the bane of any gadget lovers life. In our house we have the usual remotes for the TV and DVD along with others for the TiVo and Freeview boxes. It was all getting too much for us trying to keep them in one place and find them when you needed them. So I took a look for an all-in-one remote that would not only deal with all the devices we had but any we might get in the future. It was while surfing the net for something suitable that I came across this beauty:

The Logitech Harmony H688. This does it all and because it can be programmed from your PC by attaching a standard USB cable it seemed that it would be future proofed too.

In use it has been pretty good. I have hidden the old remotes out of the way and no one seems to be missing them much. Once you get use to pressing the correct device button the whole thing is simplicity itself.

The other great thing about it is that this model has now been replaced and so I was able to pick this up for only £40 reduced from £100. Not only do I love a gadget I love a bargain too!

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