Free UK to UK Calls with Skype

I am a big fan of Skype and have been using it more and more recently both for my contacts with family and friends but increasingly also for work. I have invested in a decent USB phone – one that actually looks like a phone rather than a plastic mobile with a USB cable on the bottom, and have been making business calls to clients both in the UK and abroad. To a small business such as AppSwing even the relatively small savings made by switching to Skype can make a very positive difference to the cashflow.

I was therefore very interested to see that Skype are currently running an offer where if you top up your account with a minimum of £10 you get free Skype to UK based landline (01 and 02) calls for a period of six months.

I have decided that now might be the time to get the sales team to also try Skype. We have a small sales team but they make a lot of calls and this quickly adds up – especially when the calls we make from our serviced offices attract a premium price, at about 10% above BT rates. Providing that the call quality is sufficient then we could make some great savings over the six month period.

The trial will be starting next week and I will let you know how we get on. In the meantime if you want more details on the offer go to :

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