Text to your home phone

There have been a number of occasions when I have been out and about and would have found it useful to be able to text a landline phone. Well with a new service from BT, BTText it seems that you can.

The service allows you to both send and receive SMS messages from a home phone. I have only tried the receiving part but it does seem to work. If you have a suitably enabled phone you can read the message on the text display, if not you get to hear the message read by some alien from planet Mars. If you are out then the message is left for you on your answering machine, which is cool, and there is a number you can call to check to see if you have any messages.

The BT web site for BTText suggests that you can only receive texts if you have a compatible BT line – this is not correct as my phone is from cable provider NTL and it work without any problems.

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