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Citrix CameraHow’s this for a neat gadget and a free one at that.

A colleague of mine recently returned from the Citrix Solutions Summit in Orlando and presented me with this 1.3 mega pixel camera that all the delegates were given. It’s about the size of a cassette tape (if you remember such things!) and is pretty featured packed for a give away at any rate.

As well as being 1.3 mega pixels it has an internal memory of 16mb, a built in flash and a rechargable battery which gets it’s charge when you connect the camera to your pc via a standard USB connection. The manual that comes with the camera suggests that you might get “hundreds of pictures with flash” and “thousands without” which I find highly unlikely.

Citrix Cam

So what are the pictures like? Well as good as any 1.3 mp camera. This seems to be the level of the latest generation of camera phones, for example. Inside the pictures, even with the flash are pretty blotchy and not up to much – unless you are recording a drunken party in which case they will be a suitable record.

Outside though, in good light, they are not bad at all. See the exciting picture of Imperial Way, Reading one lunch time for an example.

Given that I would like to have a camera with me for those odd occasions when I would like to take a picture this camera will do just fine. It is small, light weight and the picture quality is acceptable for occasional use. Works for me!

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