The Evolution of Databases

iStock_000016066249XLargeOne of the beauties of a long career is that you get to see how things in your sector evolve over time. Being in IT is no different other than the phenomenal rate of change.

Nowhere is this more evident than in databases. When I started out in the late eighties I was a COBOL programmer working on hierarchical databases and specifically IDMSX on ICL’s VME platform. These databases worked on the basis of linked lists and you had to “walk” through a whole chain in order to get to the record you wanted.

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Querying the Skype SQL Database

What is Skype? by malthe.I discovered recently that the latest version of Skype (v4) now holds all users session data, such as your chats, in a SQL database. What’s more it is easy to write queries using standard SQL to query the database and extract data. Here I’ll show you how.

Skype uses SQLite as its database engine and you can get a free tool called SQLite Database Browser to query the data (see picture below) which is held (in Windows) at the following location:


It is important to note that Skype MUST be closed before you can open the database.

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