Querying the Skype SQL Database

What is Skype? by malthe.I discovered recently that the latest version of Skype (v4) now holds all users session data, such as your chats, in a SQL database. What’s more it is easy to write queries using standard SQL to query the database and extract data. Here I’ll show you how.

Skype uses SQLite as its database engine and you can get a free tool called SQLite Database Browser to query the data (see picture below) which is held (in Windows) at the following location:


It is important to note that Skype MUST be closed before you can open the database.

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FREETALK Everyman USB Headset for Skype

Freedom headphonesI have found myself using Skype more and more recently, particularly since some good friends have moved to Australia.

Over the years I have used a number of ways to make Skype calls. I have used the speaker and microphone on my netbook, a VoIPVoice Cyberphone-w handset and a Polycom Communicator.

The laptop only experience is ok but the sound is very tinny. The Cyberphone and the Communicator are both excellent devices but I don’t like holding the handset on long calls, particularly when they are video too and the communicator is really better suited for conference calls and … Read the rest

Services I use and Recommend

365 Days - Day 267In a previous post I talked about the freemium model and how it has affected my attitude to software purchases. I wanted to go through the services that I use regularly and pay for and highlight them.

This is obviously just a personal selection. Over the years I have tried out numerous applications that rival the one that finally made this list. In the end it is just personal preference as much as anything else. You may prefer something else but these are the ones that made me put my hand in my pocket and purchase a subscription

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Paid Apps and the Freemium model

365 Days - Day 267 by SMercury98.Over the years I have tended to avoid paying for applications because the up-front cost was prohibitive. So I either went without, used an older version that may have been given away with a magazine, or found an open source equivalent. However, I am now finding myself committing to a number of applications because of the small up-front cost and, quite often, after a period of using the service for free – the so call freemium model. The question is whether that is good value for money.

The applications below are all ones that I use on a regular basis, … Read the rest