How did they manage to get that?

So I received the above message to my phone last week. There were several things that were interesting about it: it was supposedly from Apple (it isn’t) whoever sent it had my full name they also had my mobile number. This was obviously a scam as Apple a) wouldn’t send notifications like this and b) […]

Ignorance of Security isn’t Acceptable in 2014

I noticed the other day that on one of my accounts for a company I have done business with in the past (lets call them “Marketing File” as that is what they are called) was using what I considered to be a weak password. When I went to change it I found that I couldn’t […]

A Google Sized Problem

As of June 2012 Gmail has 425 million active users. That’s seven times the population of the UK and one and a half times the population of the US, so it’s a pretty sizeable number of people. I am an active user, the rest of my household are users, as is my mother-in-law. This gives […]