Connecting an iPad Pro over Ethernet

So it has been a fun few first weeks with my iPad Pro and I am really loving the portability, the keyboard and pencil and the update to iOS to make it more suitable as a work tool. However, it was while I was on holiday that I came across a feature that I really […]

Raspberry Pi GPS tracker – Connecting Without a Network

All articles to date have been about getting the GPS working with the Raspberry Pi and converting the original Python code to PHP. All of this works well (for me) but what if you want to make changes to the settings or download the log file while you are out and about and away from […]

LAN Cards – Not for Minors

I have been looking for a network card with wake-on-lan for one of my machines at home. I thought that I would have a look and see what Amazon had and turned up the item shown below. I was a bit surprised to see this text alongside the product: “Not for sale to persons under […]