Text Expansion with Alfred

I’ve had my MacBook Air for over five years now and by and large it is still performing pretty well. Certainly better after that time than any Windows machines I’ve had in the past would have done. Just recently, though, I’d been having a performance problem which led me to do a root and branch […]

Resolving “Error 1 – Operation not permitted.”

Trying to unpack a zip file this afternoon I kept coming across the error message “Error 1 – Operation not permitted.”. When I have had this before I have just switched from the default Archive app to Keka or Stuffit Expander and all has been good but for some reason that wasn’t working on this […]

The Restart Page

This is just brilliant, a page that brings together all the restarts of the major operating systems. This includes several flavours of Windows and Mac complete with start-up BIOS screens and chimes. http://www.therestartpage.com/

Quickly Get to Top of All Notes in Evernote

One thing that has bugged me for a while in Evernote is that there didn’t seem to be a quick way to return to the top of the All Notes list. If you have several thousand notes and you are a long way down, perhaps because of a search, I found myself having to do […]

Mac Folder Action Scripts and Evernote

For reasons that I have yet been able to fathom the functionality levels between the Mac and Windows Evernote clients is subtly different. For example on Windows there is the very useful ability to be able to add a watched folder that when anything gets added to this it automatically gets added to Evernote. This […]

Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Well to date I have upgraded two machines to Windows 7 and I have to say that the whole thing has been a pleasurable experience. Not only has it breathed new life into a couple of old machines but also I am liking the improvements that have been made. I particularly like how you can […]