A Tale of Two Chromebooks

A couple of years ago I spent weeks searching high and lo for a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook which was the first of the really affordable cloud laptops. I finally found one and paid £240 Рnothing compared to the price of some Windows and especially Mac laptops.

Initially I was amazed at the start-up time of seconds and the fantastic battery life. I found that I could access my email and calendar through the browser (as I had been for a while since ditching Outlook) and do all my general web-browsing. I was hooked and decided that, away from … Read the rest

Google Chrome on iOS

So my favourite browser has finally made it on to my favourite mobile operating system as last night Google Chrome for iOS was released.

I have downloaded it onto both my iPad and iPhone and I’ve been immediately impressed with just how much it looks like its desktop siblings, which shouldn’t be a great surprise, especially on the iPad.

There are a number of great things that have been brought over from the dekstop versions including the omnibar that allows you to enter either a web address or a search term and Chrome is intelligent enough to work out what … Read the rest

Who’s Stolen my Cursor?

I started to notice yesterday that when on Google Chrome after a couple of second of inactivity the cursor would disappear. A quick search shows that people have been reporting this issue as far back as 2009.

Further investigation seems to show that the issue is caused by having certain websites open (including this one). Others have suggested that the culprit is the Flash plug-in, although I am not convinced of that.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you see the problem when Spoken Like a Geek is open? I would be interested to know so leave us a … Read the rest