Odd Favicon appearing in Google Apps

Favicon for Google Apps MailSomething odd has happened to my Google Apps favicon. It is no longer the familiar Gmail envelope but some gear and spanner (wrench) combination. The image above shows the new and old icons and you can see the new icon better below.

This has only appeared in the last week and only seems to affect Google Apps mail and not Gmail itself, as you can see from above.

A quick search online shows that others are seeing this too with all sorts of speculation as to what it could be. Myself I think it is simply a mistake – what … Read the rest

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

imageGoogle has release a number of interesting and useful updates over the last few days and removed (or planned to) remove a big one.

Firstly the good stuff. Gmail now allows you to drag and drop files to be attached – a real time saver. You simply drag the file over the attachment area and drop – job done. It works well on both Windows and Mac with Chrome. The second change in Gmail is the ability to add a calendar invitation into an email. Again a great improvement.

The other major changes have come in Google Docs where a … Read the rest