Text Expansion with Alfred

I’ve had my MacBook Air for over five years now and by and large it is still performing pretty well. Certainly better after that time than any Windows machines I’ve had in the past would have done. Just recently, though, I’d been having a performance problem which led me to do a root and branch […]

You might want to think twice before removing the mail app in iOS 10

I wrote last week about the forthcoming iOS 10 releaseĀ that finally will allow you to remove some of the stock apps including Mail. I speculated at the time as to what this would mean for third party mailĀ apps and clicking mailto links: What is most interesting about this is that Mail is included in the […]

The Gadget Show Apps

On the Gadget Show this week they had an interesting challenge. Suzy and Jason were pitted against each other to produce an application for a mobile device. The winner would be the one that got the most downloads. After almost 30 seconds of deliberation they both chose to develop an application for the iPhone, simply […]