Vista Woes

My younger son got a new PC for Christmas and this was blessed with some flavour of Microsoft Vista which apart from requiring a new wireless card as Vista drivers weren’t available for the old one, was reasonably painless. Well that is apart from having to relearn where everything is that you have become so used to finding. The real problems began, however, when we went to access the network storage (NAS) device we have on the home network. Vista was able to see the device but whenever Mat went to open a folder on the device a green progress bar would appear in the Explorer address bar and would never complete. This meant that we were never able to access the content of the NAS. Much searching of the web turned up nothing and left me pretty frustrated. Then I saw a small article in PC Pro magazine about slow network access when using Window Explorer with Vista and the solution was to ditch it completely. A couple of replacements were suggested and I plumped for xplorer2 after giving them a trial. Initially this seemed to resolve the problem but, in fact, while it is better the access is still painfully slow – so much so that it is unusable. I really don’t understand it as all the other XP machines access without any bother. So now I am stuck for ideas and back to searching the web in vain.

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